transplanting a european beech tree

Exposing roots to the air is a traumatic experience for a plant, and not all specimens survive the ordeal. When collecting beech tree seeds, find a healthy beech tree that is growing within a 100 mile radius of where you will be planting the seeds. Tricolor is a variety of the European beech. Known for its smooth silvery gray bark, short trunk and a low branching habit. It is now confined to the eastern United States. The dense crown spreads 40 to 60 feet (12 to 18 m.) at maturity, so give it plenty of room. As a tall and graceful tree, European beech can live for centuries. How to Transplant a Young Tree. Transplant Shock . European beech is a large, graceful tree appropriate for large properties like parks and golf courses. The key is to choose the right transplant location for your birch tree and to care for the transplanted tree carefully until it settles into the ground. Its good looks can also be adapted to a smaller garden as a hedge, and it mingles well with other natives as a wilder mixed barrier. Beech trees are slow-growing deciduous trees that prefer well-drained, slightly acidic soil. Mulch newly planted trees to keep the soil moist and reduce the competition from grass. Step 1 - Collect Beech Tree Seeds. Follow the steps below to grow beech trees from seed. This variety will suffer from scorch, brown leaf edges, in hot dry weather. This plant has some cultivated varieties. American beech trees (Fagus grandifolia) are large, growing up to 50 to 70 feet tall and spreading to cover an area of up to 50 feet in diameter. When transplanted properly, birch trees can grow well. How to Plant a Beech Tree. It likes moist, well-drained soil. Trees that are difficult to move (beech, hickory, sweet gum, hornbeam, sassafras, tupelo, walnut and white oak) need larger root balls than trees that are easy to transplant. European Beech Trees: A Field Guide. The American hornbeam (Carpinus caroliniana) is sometimes called blue beech, but it is an unrelated species of small tree or shrub. Transplanting a small tree (sapling) is a little more involved than simply buying a container grown tree and setting it out—a few extra considerations come into play. Birch trees are a favored tree among many homeowners who appreciate the bright yellow foliage and the delicate bark of this tree species. Beech Tree Planting. All beeches need moist, well-drained soils. This will ensure that the soil and climate it will be growing in is best matched for the variety of beech tree. Transplanting a tree seedling or sapling can be the most stressful time in its entire life.Moving a tree from its original comfort zone to a new location should be done under the right conditions while preserving most of the life-supporting root system. Transplanting trees and shrubs might seem like an easy task, but the truth is many of them die if the work is done improperly. The American beech tree (Fagus grandifolia ) is the only indigenous species of the Fagus genus in North America. Plant beech trees in a good, rich, acidic soil that isn’t compacted. But if your landscape design calls for moving a tree or shrub to a new location, you'll have a much better chance of success if you learn the proper techniques. Avoid planting in areas with compacted and waterlogged soils.

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